The woods…

How the heart guides me through this journey…

Heartful Reflections

The woods are lovely dark and deep, 
But I have promises to keep, 
And miles to go before I sleep, 
And miles to go before I sleep....
                 - Robert Frost

This beautiful verse by Frost always gives me a refreshing peep into my soul, and a peek outside on the road ahead….

Yes the woods are beautiful,they are deep, they are inviting, tempting….they may lead me to beautiful places. But do they take me to my goal? No, they do not…. It’s as if these lines have so much wisdom packed inside them, that they have the gist of an entire lesson in spirituality….

The journey is long, and I’m a traveller. The Goal is not in sight yet visible. Every now and then, the proverbial ‘deer’ gives a glimpse of it’s beauty from the woods, trying to distract me. Sometimes I take a step or two in its…

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A Sprout Peeping Out

An important reflection that punctuated my journey. A couple of days back, I woke up to a refreshing morning, finding myself refreshed and renewed inside… I felt as if I had slept to a sluggish, regular boring sleep, not particularly looking forward to the next day. And so I’d prayed… I had prayed for help, for guidance to always pave my way… And perhaps so it did.. This poem is just an expression of the my experience of the manifestation of Divine help and guidance, that always comes our way, when the Bedtime prayer is offered with all earnestness. Well, this is not the first time I experienced the effect of this practice. But , indeed the first time sharing it here… 😊

Heartful Reflections

I wake up today, to find myself anew: a new day, a new me, a new reason to start afresh. 
The past is gone, washed away, 
And I stretch myself out of my blanket: a sprout peeping out. 
Wondering, thinking, reflecting... 
Wondering what happened? 
Thinking how could it? 
Reflecting, accepting, moving on.. 
Gratitude fills my heart, 
It is fuel to the soul, 
Pushing it ahead, 
And driving it on and on. 

How does this all work? 
Strange are His ways.. 
He gives and gives always.. 
How much can I take? 
How much can I hold? 
How much do I imbibe? 
How much do I become? 

A sprout peeping out: wondering, thinking, reflecting..

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Today’s Reflection

An important reminder in my journey…

Heartful Reflections

Be in the moment, be focussed. Practice!

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Today’s Reflection

Heartful Reflections

Do it now!

Just had a thought ,that it’s actually a good thing to finish up the task at hand… And in fact keep things ready for the next task, or the next day’s task. Planning and preparing ahead always gives you an edge and leaves you with more time! So it appears to be a truly unique experience, that the more you work, the more time you have!

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CREST,KGP- A Turning Point, a “Heart Opener”

December 31, 2011

(10 years ago…these were my reflections..😅)

Sahaj Marg is indeed simple but not easy. Out of immense love and gratitude for the Master, I couldn’t help but surrender my life to Him. This meant handing over all the decisions of my life to Him, and being prepared to face bravely whatever it entailed, taking everything that came my way as divine blessings, and lessons to learn from. It sounded great to me that I was following these tenets. But  when it came to applying them in real life, was I really taking them as “Divine Blessings”? Those were the Real testing times, which made me think and introspect, “How am I supposed to take it?”, “Why am I sad although I know that whatever these circumstances are all coming from Him, and that whatever I am doing is in accordance to what He expects?” Inspite of knowing the fact that I am doing what He wants me to do,  I was not happy from within, and was not doing it with all my heart.

When I came across,“As inside, so outside” in one of Master’s talks on character formation,

While going through Master’s talks on character formation (as part of the preparation that we were asked to do prior to attending the seminar CREST, Kgp), I came across the line- character means ‘As inside so outside’. When I first read it I thought it did not apply to me as I am never the “hypocrite” kind of a person in any way. But yet there was something in it that was nagging me, that I thought I needed to work up on. After listening to a talk of Master on one of the Sundays I knew I needed to open my heart to others and overcome my inhibitions. I could feel that the preparation had started, and some ground work was being done within, before going to attend the seminar at CREST,Kgp.


The first day, our group was assigned the topic “Humility”, and we had to meditate, reflect, do some research on this topic, and give a presentation on the last day. The next morning’s meditation gave me the answer, so that I had my bit to contribute for this topic. It was an experience that I had on the first evening itself. I had an overwhelming feeling, when I was served the evening snacks and later dinner, by an elderly couple whom I’d already met before, but couldnt remember where. On further interaction with them on that day I found that I’d had them both serve me before as well at the Manapakkam canteen.

During the meditation I realized that it was a truly humbling experience, because I have now been used to cooking and serving everyone in the family and I felt a bit ashamed accepting their service as I thought I should be in their place instead. But when I reflected upon it, I realised that, ironically, I’d never had even a tinge of such a feeling when I’d had them serve me before at Manapakkam, for at that time I was yet to step into the married life! So it was only marriage and the family life that followed it, that had taught me a lesson in humility.

Love and sacrifice

Master always says that marriage is very important in Sahaj Marg, as it is only in the Grihastha life that one learns these two virtues of love and sacrifice. As for me, I realised that thinking or claiming that “I have sacrificed so and so for my family”, is not really sacrifice, it is ego. It can only be so if it happens unknowingly and naturally when we act as per the need of the hour without thinking about our self interest, when we accept everything naturally and let His Will prevail.

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Live for Today: Detachedly Attached

Feels like there's  no tomorrow, 
 Today's all i have, 
 Let me live all i want...
 Tonight's all i got.
 Let me love my people,
 Let me be grateful. 
 Let me have my time, 
 With everyone I see.
 Let me love, let me laugh,
 Let me cry, let me give a hi-five… 

 Let me feel the sun shine, 
 Let me drench in the rain, 
 Let me smile (while) in pain… 

 Let me talk to trees, 
 Let me touch the breeze, 
 Let me smell the grass, 
 Let me count the stars, 
 Aren't they my blessings? 

 Let me appreciate…. 
 What I've been given.. 
 Let me thank my stars… Let me thank my Lords… 

 What more is there in store? 
 Send what You will… 
 With folded hands and bowed-headed I wait.. 
 To welcome and receive 
Your precious Gifts.
 Who knows what tomorrow holds…
 Someone may or may not be there, 
 Or it may even be me…
 That is why I say what I say… 
 Let me live for today.
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Peace, Balance, Harmony

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Welcome to Heartful Reflections!

Heartful Reflections

Hi! Inspirations, revelations, insights…and a lot more. Heartfulreflectionsforyou is a space to share all of these and beyond. The way of the heart is simple, but not necessarily easy. It is full of surprises- pleasant and unpleasant- and ensures there is some or the other adventure always there waiting to jump at you! Challenges are what keeps life alive, and miseries are divine blessings. If mistakes are lessons, accepting them is the first step towards correction, and resolving not to repeat them, is the next. This is my take on the Way of the Heart ❤

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Great Expectations

I have realised that expectation (and the unpleasant word desire) is the root of all problems/misundersandings and miseries in everyone’s life. Call it desire, expectation, wish, want, its all the same. i heard that Master recently said somewhere that anger arises from unfulfilled expectations. but having pondered over it for a while, i realised that not just anger but sorrow, frustration etc also have the same source- unfulfilled expectation or desire. we have expectations from others and others have expectations from others and others have expectations from us. And none of them ever seem to be met (to our satisfaction).

But then questions arise over expectations regarding the Right Conduct, Right behaviour, Right thoughts and attitudes. Is it justified to have these expectations (at least) from ourselves if not from others?

I think the answer to this can be found only from our heart. Expect not and you shall never be disappointed says one of the new maxims given by Rev. Master.

One realisation that changed my attitude was, if somebody points out my defects which seem unreasonable to me, it is only because they expect me to be perfect in all ways. If I am good, they expect me to be good always, and in fact better and the best. And when this expectation is not met, it may lead to anger or frustration. So, the next time somebody bestows ‘zillat’ on you, remember it is because they want you to be perfect.

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Life: A Transition

It seems to be a lovely day today, at least better than yesterday, in terms of the weather. And so am I, feeling better than how I was feeling yesterday. Its been 4days now since I returned to Hyderabad from Baroda, and slowly Im getting over the transition blues. Ditto with Rahul.

I was kinda settled in Baroda, and I had to come here. And before going there, i was kinda settled here, and i had to go there. Now after returning to my ‘original home’ its still taking some time to get adjusted to this life. Memories haunt. Detached-attachments make me weep. But I am back. 

If this is a tiny transition, life itself is a transition- a looong one, starting from the source, undergoing this journey of life, the purpose of which is to return to our Original Home, finally culminating at Mergence with the Divine. 

If something as petty as today’s weather can affect, and hence control, my mood, or the way I’m feeling, how is it gonna work-the process of Mastering my own mind, and my own Self?

Anyway, the learning lesson is- there are going to be plenty of such transitions in life (from desirable to undesirable conditions or vice versa). We need to keep our nerve, be patient, let the external condition not get the worst out of us, and let it gently pass us by. It WILL pass.

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